How to take care of permanent eyebrow makeup after the procedure?

Permanent eyebrow makeup is a type of tattooing that mimics the natural arch of the eyebrow. With proper care, its effect is long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing. The final appearance of the eyebrows after the procedure depends on recommendations related to grooming, sun avoidance and proper hygiene. Putting on makeup involves breaking the continuity of the epidermis, which is why it is so important to take proper care of the skin to keep your eyebrows looking perfect for longer.

Permanent eyebrow makeup – the healing process

Immediately after the procedure, a slight tightening of the skin is felt. The area where the pigment was applied becomes slightly darker and small scabs begin to appear on it, which should be left to fall off. In the following days, the right color begins to appear on the skin and the desired effect is created. The total healing process should take 14 days, although this is very individual for each client.

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Permanent eyebrows – how to take care of them after the procedure?

Immediately after permanent makeup, the skin in the eyebrow area is reddened, which subsides after two to three hours. At the site of anesthesia administration, the skin is slightly paler, which is due to the shrinking of blood vessels and subsides after the anesthesia stops. In the following days, the skin begins to peel. During this time, follow the important instructions of the linergist:

Within 24 hours of the permanent eyebrow procedure, gently drain the skin of accumulated plasma with a sterile gauze pad,
Dry healing is recommended, without the use of any lubricants. If there is a lot of discomfort, a minimal amount of vitamin A or Bepanthen ointment can be applied,
be sure to drink plenty of fluids to hydrate the body and rehydrate it from the inside,
The skin around the eyebrows should be treated with special care, with high hand hygiene to avoid infection,
The skin around the eyebrows should be treated with special care and high hand hygiene to avoid infection, the sun should be avoided for at least 6 days after permanent makeup and UV filter creams should be used, as tanned skin, even in a tanning bed, will lighten the inserted pigment,

After the procedure, you should refrain from the gym for a week,

and from the solarium, sauna and swimming pool for a month
It is forbidden to remove scabs yourself, as this causes longer wound healing,
It is also advisable to avoid hot drinks, alcohol and hot spices, as they dilute the blood and cause the dye not to settle properly on the skin,
Other contraindications include chemical and mechanical peels, mesotherapy, and hyaluronic acid and botulinum toxin injections for more than two months,
after permanent makeup is applied, it is a good idea to change your bedding and towels, refrain from visiting the dentist and hairdresser in the first few days, and

Do not expose yourself to sick people.

Following these guidelines is very important, because during the recovery period the skin undergoes changes that cannot be disturbed by improper care.

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Repigmentation and refreshing of permanent eyebrows.

In order to maintain a long-lasting effect, eyebrows require repigmentation. This treatment is performed periodically about two months after the initial makeup. Otherwise, the tattoo on the eyebrow arch becomes lighter. After 3 months, the permanent eyebrows are refreshed, which involves adding pigment using the method of choice – this procedure can take place up to 1.5 years after the first visit to the linergist.

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