Everything you need to know about the first correction after permanent eyebrow makeup

Korekta makijażu permanetnego brwi w gdansku

Without a doubt, eyebrows are an extremely important element responsible for the aesthetics of the face – their shape, size and color strongly affect our appearance. It happens that, among other things. Due to their non-ideal alignment, the presence of defects or even tedious daily care are a source of worry. However, there is a way to remedy all this! The ideal solution for women who want to effectively and permanently improve the appearance of their eyebrows is permanent makeup.

With this treatment, it is possible to achieve the modeling and shape of the arches of your dreams, as well as enhance the color. All this according to the client’s wishes and without the need for daily persistent correction. However, as it happens in life, the dream result is rarely available right away, which is why permanent makeup correction is so important.

Corrective treatments will enhance and strengthen the long-lasting effect. So what should you know about the first correction after permanent eyebrow makeup? These and other frequently asked questions are answered below.

What does permanent eyebrow makeup consist of?

It is a procedure that continues to grow in popularity and is an excellent alternative for women who want to avoid daily makeup. The biggest advantage of permanent makeup is its durability. Introduced under the skin with a thin needle, the pigment, which fills the space between the hairs, lasts from a few months to up to two years, but this depends on, among other things. From the skin type. Thus, it is not threatened by all kinds of cosmetics, sea water, sweat or heavy rain.

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Is post-treatment correction so important?

Permanent makeup treatment is a convenient solution that guarantees a long-lasting effect, but requires taking the right steps. Remember that this method makes visible and long-lasting changes to the skin, so it is important to think carefully and deliberately about the look you want to achieve. And that’s what retouches are for! Permanent makeup is a process in which you gradually achieve a satisfactory result.

After the first initial treatment, during which pigment is injected under the skin, the client has time to get used to the changes – is the shape chosen and obtained by the linergist the desired one? Is the color too light or too dark? Concerns about whether the new eyebrows will meet expectations are understandable. To remedy this, the best and most effective solution is to divide the treatment into two salon visits – the first and the corrective one.

During the first one, it is best to choose a softer, more subtle shape and softer color, so that during the correction you can be bolder in making the desired changes. Don’t worry if the makeup seems too strong after the first treatment. This is normal – the epidermis will peel off over the next few days, so that after two weeks the eyebrows will reach the desired shade.

It is also important to remember that after the first treatment, 40 to 70% of the color remains on the skin. During the adjustment, you can cool it down or warm it up if you wish. This is a convenient and safe solution that will save you from unpleasant disappointments.

When is the best time to get a makeup touch-up?

Permanent makeup, thanks to local anesthesia, is completely painless. However, it still involves direct interference with the skin. Inherent in the process are minor irritations, during which the epidermis needs time to regenerate. This is a completely natural part of the whole process and should not be feared. These changes will not be so visible that you have to hide from the world.

Nevertheless, you should wait until the skin has breathed, recovered and is ready for the next beautification before scheduling another visit. You should wait 30 days for the epidermis around the eyebrows to heal completely. Therefore, it is best to have the permanent makeup corrected within a maximum of 60 days from the date of the first treatment with the linergist.

Is makeup correction mandatory?

Performing permanent eyebrow makeup correction is not mandatory in every case. However, it is almost always recommended in order to refine, improve or make any corrections. That’s why it’s best to consult with the most competent person, namely the linergist where the procedure was performed.

After a reasonable period of time, it will indicate whether a correction is necessary. However, it is important to keep in mind that each client has a different skin type and therefore a different reaction to healing. The linergist is also not always able to perfectly and evenly insert the pigment under the skin, which is why correction is so important, during which any gaps are filled in.

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