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Realize your dreams !

You can avoid a one-time financial burden with MediRats

  • From PLN 100 to PLN 5,000

We check only KRD without credit check. No paperwork, no documented earnings.

  • From PLN 5,000 to PLN 10,000

We check KRD and BIK without credit check. Without any formalities without documented earnings.

We offer 2 convenient ways to pay the cost of the procedure / treatment in low installments.

  • From PLN 100 to 5,000. PLN – after the visit, on a “buy now, pay later” basis, all you need is a smartphone (payment available only in some outlets)
  • From PLN 500 to 50 thousand. PLN after qualification by phone with confirmation of creditworthiness (this usually takes about 4 minutes):directly on site.

How does the MediRaty financing and installment payment system work?

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For the Patient or the person incurring the obligation to the Patient (e.g., a parent to a child) or pet, the key condition for taking advantage of MediRata financing is creditworthiness.

zagar 4min

Formalities in 4 minutes.

Confirming creditworthiness for medical services with MediRaty is simple and takes just 4minutes.


Facilitated access to private clinics nationwide.

A good credit history and steady income provide great opportunities for private health care and beauty clinics.

You can find all the detailed information HERE