Lip healing after permanent makeup

jak goja sie usta po makijażu permanetnym ust , etapy gojenia , jak zmienia sie kolor makiazu peramanetnego ust, proces gojenia ust po makijaż permantnym

how lips heal after permanent lip makeup

Even out lip asymmetry,

Gently enlarge them,

Slightly diminish the lips and emphasize their line.

In many women, the contour of the lips is blurred and uneven. Very often, after herpes, the contour fades, blurs and changes the shape of the lips. Permanent lip makeup is designed to give the lips the right shape that enhances and brings out a woman’s beauty.

After treatment

Permanent makeup is a procedure that permanently gives lips a great color and shape. However, during the procedure, the delicate flesh and skin of the lips are affected and swell easily. Immediately after the permanent makeup procedure, your lips will be slightly larger than usual, and the skin around them will be red. How much will they swell? You will find out about this during the procedure, as it is a very individual matter. Sometimes the lips swell hardly at all, and other times the swelling is quite significant. The degree of swelling and sensitivity of the lips also depends on the makeup technique. There are many methods of applying makeup on the market. When performing the procedure, linergists inject pigment into the skin using various methods and to different depths. It is all this that affects the condition of the lips after the procedure.

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