Lip Contour with Shading


How about the perfect shape, a gentle magnifying effect and a natural color that will give you a fresh and elegant look in any situation?

Soft, light and natural lips – a subtle look can be spectacularly beautiful!

Already forget about covering up imperfections or flaws and constantly correcting the contour with a crayon. Give yourself a more defined lip contour and sophisticated shading. This combination will make your lips look more prominent and alluring, yet soft, light and natural.

In addition, you will get the effect of a visual lift without the risk of exaggeration and a strong “lipstick effect.” And if you’re planning a big night out, just apply lipstick or gloss to your lips and you’re ready to go!

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Ombre contouring guarantees a natural look with a visual highlighting effect and a natural red lip color.

With a clear contour and a subtle transition of one shade to another, permanent ombre lips always look elegant and natural. Importantly, ombre lips eliminate asymmetry, resulting in a less intense appearance than full-fill lip liner.

If you have narrow lips and their shade is not very pronounced, permanent ombre lips are an excellent solution. A shaded contour is also a great choice if you have an irregular lip shape, uneven lip color and a “fuzzy” red lip line.


Lip contouring and shading, or ombre permanent makeup, is a procedure consisting of two stages. The first is to perfectly outline the contour of the lips, while the second is to fill in the red with a soft shadow. The pigment in the shade from the contour toward the center of the lips becomes lighter and lighter, so the ombre lips give a natural effect of transitioning from one shade to another.

As a rule, we shade the lips with a color a few shades darker than the natural red, and depending on individual expectations, we make the contour a tone or two darker. This creates a natural graded color and three-dimensional effect.

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Regain the clarity and charming look of your lips by avoiding fillers and invasive plastic surgery. Enjoy the effects for up to several months and forget about drawing the outline with a crayon!


A few days after the procedure, the lips will quickly dry out – a normal phenomenon after lip micropigmentation, which can be counteracted by using preparations recommended by the linergist.

After permanent ombre lip makeup, the color of the contour and shading will be clear and intense, but in 6-10 days the color will begin to normalize, and the final result will be one-two tones lighter.

The saturated lip color and visual lip augmentation effect will last for about 1 year, after which time additional pigmentations are usually needed to refresh the color.

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