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Permanent makeup is a cosmetic procedure that involves permanently highlighting the lips, eyes and eyebrows. In the case of the eyes, it is usually to make a line on the lower and/or upper eyelids, in the case of the eyebrows it is to correct their shape, while in the case of the lips it is to highlight the lips, mark and correct the contours and enhance redness. Professional permanent makeup allows not only to emphasize the assets of a woman’s beauty, but also perfectly masks imperfections, for example, by covering skin defects such as scars, discoloration or pigmentation spots. Crucially, permanent makeup helps people who have lost eyebrow hair for health reasons regain their confidence and natural facial expression.

Methods of permanent eyebrow makeup.

A very important element of an aesthetic and eye-catching look are beautiful eyebrows – the image “must-have” of our time and the business card of every woman. To enjoy the perfect shape and shade of your eyebrows for a long time, you can get a permanent makeup treatment. What are the most popular methods of its application?


The ombre brows method is a shading method done using multiple colors of pigment to create tonal transitions. A soft, lighter shadow on the front and upper eyebrow line is enhanced at the lower brow arch for a very natural and three-dimensional effect.


Permanent eyebrow makeup using the shadow method makes it possible to achieve the perfect shape and desired color. The technique is used on normal, thick or thinning eyebrows, as well as in the absence of eyebrows. After makeup, eyebrows always look fresh and have the perfect shape. The effective shadow method allows to correct the shape of the eyebrows and compensate for asymmetries. The end result is similar to that of an eyebrow pencil or shadow.


Permanent eyebrow makeup using the hair method, which involves creating a drawing on the eyebrow arch that resembles natural eyebrows. The linergist pigments individual lines on the skin in a shape that resembles natural hair. The drawing of new hair must be well planned.

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How to prepare for permanent eyebrow makeup?

If you are thinking about permanent eyebrow makeup you need to remember:

One month before the procedure, do not perform eyebrow henna, the linergist must notice your natural shade of hair on your eyebrows, this will facilitate the selection of pigment. 24 hours before the procedure, do not drink alcohol or take aspirin.

Care after permanent eyebrow makeup

After the permanent makeup procedure, it is necessary to follow the recommendations of the linergist and use only cosmetics recommended by her. Do not rub or wash your skin with soap. Remember that the skin around the eyebrows should be moisturized, not oily.

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